Monday, October 09, 2006

Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias

A glance at the title of this book might lead one to believe it is a work of comparative religion, which in some ways it is. However, instead of weighing the similarities and dissimilarities of competing world religions Zacharias places the majority of his focus on Jesus and Jesus alone. His defense of the uniqueness of Christ falls along categorical lines. By virtue of Christ’s specific claims He is by the very essence of who He is different from all other god’s. Once this conclusion is reached it is relatively easy to see why Christianity is incompatibile with a pluralistic society.

What is most commendable about this book is not the specific arguments presented so much as the method of argumentation employed. While Zacharias does cover a large number of topics and does so thoroughly and effectively, it is impossible to prepare an answer for every attempt to marginalize, reduce or dismiss the claims of Jesus. However, by following the flow of Zacharias’ reasoning one gains incredible insight into the mechanics of dismantling competing world views by means of their own inadequacies and illogic.

In conclusion I would just like to shout out a big thank you to Becky and Amanda for giving me this book. I loved it!! Baptist girls give the best gifts!


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baptist girls...

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Blogger Kristen said... I totally understand your argument about structure Ryan...but being more relational perhaps in my infantile understanding...i was very encouraged by Zacharias's testimony and his personal experience with Christ. Good book no doubt!

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