Monday, September 04, 2006


While I was home in Edmonton, I had the rare chance of being able to read many a book. The best one by far, however, was Twelve Extraordinary Women by Johnny Mac (John MacArthur).

I didn't exactly get what I anticipated, upon the opening of the cover. Usually, I find MacArthur's work pretty expository. This time, however, MacArthur used a different style..and I loved it! The book essentially details the lives of twelve different women in the Bible (Eve, Sarah, Rahab, Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Anna, The Samaritan woman, Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene and Lydia).

In the character sketches, MacArthur uses historical fact and Biblical truth to give the reader a clear understanding of how the lives of these twelve women point to Christ. MacArthur is skilled in drawing meaning from the Biblical text, and provides evidence to back up his thoughts. Like a skilled debater, he even predicts those things the readers will question and provides any necessary clarifications for things which might, at first, seem problematic.

The highlight of the book is that though it is written about the lives of twelve women, it is clear that the book is really not about exalting these women, but rather exalting the risen Lord. Each chapter points out that the lives of these women were extraordinary because they believed in an extraordinary God.

I loved this book! I found it extremely informative and practical in its application. Furthermore, though it may be stereotyped as a book for women, it is DEFINITELY a book that i would encourage brothers to read as well. What is gleaned from the book is applicable to both men and women!


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